Didier Colin

Founder & Managing Director

Didier Colin is the Founder and Managing Director of Celes Real Estate. Prior to founding the company in December 2018, Mr. Colin was a Principal in the London office of Meadow Partners and was instrumental in the development of its UK (from 2009) and French (from 2013) investment and asset management activities. Before joining Meadow Partners Mr. Colin worked for Farallon Capital Management, an investment partnership with capital under management in excess of $27 billion, where he focused on investments in public real estate debt and equity instruments as well as in private real estate assets in Europe. Mr. Colin was previously an Associate with Deutsche Bank in their real estate private equity group, working on the acquisition and management of a broad range of real estate asset portfolio and corporate investments across Europe. Mr. Colin graduated from Paris-Dauphine University with a Masters Degree in Finance.

Nicolas Giauque

Senior Advisor

Nicolas Giauque is a Partner, Co-Chief Investment Officer, and Head of European Investing of Farallon Capital Management  (http://www.faralloncapital.com). Prior to joining Farallon Capital Management, Mr. Giauque worked in the investment banking and asset management divisions of Goldman Sachs for four years in Hong Kong and Singapore. Mr. Giauque graduated with a master of Management from Hautes Etudes Commerciales.

J. Andrew McDaniel

Senior Advisor

J. Andrew McDaniel is a Partner and Member of the Investment Committee of Meadow Partners (https://www.meadowpartners.com) and oversees the Company’s acquisition and asset management activities in Europe. Prior to joining Meadow Partners, Mr. McDaniel was a Director in the London office of Westbrook Partners. Mr. McDaniel graduated with a Masters in Finance from London Business School and a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee.

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